Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Awhhh!! Where is the silver lining to my Chicago Family Vacation!!!!!

Ok, let us start this blog off with a run down (haha run...sigh) of my weekend.

Curtain Call!!
Pull back curtain.
Scene: Friday 1130am

I get a call from LittleMan's daycare, he BEGGED to come inside from playtime.  (Crap- I would too if I was being forced to play in the 90+ degree temps!) He then laid right down. Not long after that, he vomitted. G.R.E.A.T (hello, the Frosted Flakes Tiger is back!)
So, hubby is in the middle of major machinery issue with grandfather and his mom. (oh yeah, when he isn't a student, he works at BOTH of these family farms.) This leaves me, mommy, to leave work, where we have a "fill in" boss to tend to LittleMan.
Exit Scene.

New Scene-
Need to get back to work, hubby still not home to "switch me". My mom is available. Only 1 hr 20 mins left of work. Ugh.
Exit Scene.

New Scene-
It just happens to be BFF sleepover for BigGirl at OUR house. My hubby doesnt want to disappoint, so we have her over. (Keep in mind, we have sick LittleMan too) In walks BFF and LittleMan vomits right behind her on my carpet. G.R.E.A.T
Exit Scene.

Evening went alright. LittleMan went to bed on schedule, thanks to dramamine and ibuprofen. Girls had dinner, played inside and out, had our little campfire in the back porch and made smores. Showers, nails painted, braided hair, bed (after many laughing-talking-getting up, etc).

Next morning, girls got up, I made breakfast, they played, LittleMan up, fever back, sinuses have joined us now, eyes matted with goop bad. G.R.E.A.T
I miss my morning workout at the gym.
I get everyone settled in time for my 9am Run Group. I go, talk to mom on the way and decide LittleMan may have pneumonia!! *Reminder- leaving for 4 days in Chicago on Thursday morning (9:05- no one there for run group) decide to go back home get LittleMan and take to ER.
Good news, just a sinus infection. A antibiotic filled (took the FREAKIN' ever at Pharmacy), decongestant purchased and headed home.

It is now 11am.
I have a haircut at 1pm 20 minutes away in Wichita. Mom is going to pick me up, I will have maybe a good 45 minutes to work out if I go NOW. I pull out of driveway, phone beats, mom will be at my house at noon to pick me up. G.R.E.A.T

Drive downtown to check for cheap Railer Gear (my high schools stuff that I coach softball for). None.

I drive home, 11:30am. Send hubby to take BFF home with BigGirl. LittleMan hangs with me while I shower and get ready to leave.
12:05- no mom, no hubby and BigGirl back. (bff lives 3 minutes away.)
Call hubby- almost home.
Hubby pulls in driveway- Mom right behind me.

I leave to haircut and spend all afternoon running around wichita picking up last minute trip items.

Jump to now, BigGirl spent all day and night at BFF's. (double spendover weekend before school i guess)

LIttleman is eating again! Yeah!!

I have done and putaway 5 loads of laundry (mostly Littlemans sick towels-yum) I load left.

I have packed the kids bag.

I have packed MY side of our bag (including my running gear bag for Chicago Rock N Roll!!!)

I have borrowed mom's huge Coach Handbag for my purse/goody bag for train. (thnks mom!!!!!)

I have made out the lists for all bags and gotten some ribbon for mark everything we will be carrying with us. So we make sure we have OUR stuff off the Train. (I know, I am so smart right!!)

well, time for dinner, and TRYING to relax.
PLANNING For a hard workout at the gym monday, tuesday and wednesday morning.


funderson said...

mercy...and I thought my week has been crazy! Good luck and have a blast!

Teamarcia said...

Sorry about your sick Littleman!
HOw exciting though about your trip to Chi-town!
I ordered up some weather that hopefully won't be too too hot!