Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Things

I promise to get a big post on here soon with my State Softball Info.... but right now,  a little Memorial Day Info.

I spent my Memorial Day relaxing with Walking Pneumonia at home with movies. (Dear John, True Blood Season 1 & 2) But today I read, randomthotschick's blog and there was something there I liked.

Somewhere in Iraq, the soldier's spent Memorial Day morning running a 10K... was about 104 degrees too. But look at them go!! They are all runners/athletes/mothers/fathers/sisters/brothers/uncles/aunts/friends/coworkers and they still have the heart to show their spirit in 104 degrees!!! (Three Cheers for all our military!!!)


A second thing I liked from randomthotschick's blog was this....
...the metal given this September at the Virginia Beach Rock N Roll Half Marathon!!! I am now praying for a winning lottery ticket, miracle from god, the financial means to go to this run in September!! Because, lets be honest here, wouldn't you want that hanging on YOUR wall?!?!?!!!!

**You may have noticed my lack in activity this past few days.... let me remind you that you just read about my walking pneumonia. So, does the "walking" part count? LOL! I will get back on the horse very soon. I mean, MotherRunner (my sis in law) just challenged me to the 100 miles in June Just Do IT! So that is a challenge, and I don't back down from those!!!

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