Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Friday, June 18, 2010

Today, I was checking the local running website for another run I could do close by this next month or so. And while checking it out, I found a local (20 minutes away) half-marathon! I was excited!! I could add another Half to my yearly goal!! So, I pulled up the bulletin and read about it.

Now, I know this area well.  Plains, flat & hilly (closer to that area), BFK (ya know, bumm f ' ing Kansas), etc. So, when I read the description they had posted of this run, I couldn't stop laughing!! I mean SERIOUSLY! If you know what Marion County Kansas is like... well, just read this...

Course Description:
Come! And run the Run for Your Momma Half-Marathon on a fun and challenging course of pavement and country roads. The course features a variety of both hills and flat lands! The Run will take you into the Norman Rockwell setting of the City of Marion. You will wind around the popular family destination of Marion County Lake with its commerative CCC Workers Statue, and beautiful examples of classic hand laid stonework of the 1930's. Experience pastoral scenes of prairie, growing crops and cattlle grazing all while being treated to the melody of native Kansas Birds. Watch for them perched on fences as you breeze by!


Tornados are always possible!!

It's it just magical!!
The Local Womens Group... Just kidding, maybe.

Anyway, just wanted to share it bit of HILARIOUS!! And if you know the area, please- I want to know if you LAUGHED LAUGHED and LAUGHED some more!!!
If you aren't from around here, tell me about a race you may have thought the same thing about!!!

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funderson said...

My favorite is "a variety of both"....huh? The races in Colorado have the opposite lie in that they will advertise NOT too hilly and it is all a lie.
By the by, I think 1/2 your state in on vacation here right now enjoying the "hills".