Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Monday, June 14, 2010


Well, this weekend was fun filled and I AM EXHAUSTED AND SORE!!

Friday, we stay home with the kids that night and rented the movies:

Both Movies were GREAT!! Ths kids were mesmerized by Alice in Wonderland. They watched the ENTIRE thing just sitting together on the couch. It was Wonderful!!

FROM PARIS WITH LOVE was good too. (We put kids to bed for this one) It was enough action to keep you interested, and ofcourse Jonathan Rhys Meyers is always nice to look at. yummy.

We then went to bed and got up around 6:45am to head to Wichita. My mother is the Wichita Heart Walk Director for the American Heart Association. She is AMAZING at her job and has gotten many awards, bonuses, etc for it!! We were in Wichita by 8:30am and all 4 of us ( well little man road in the stroller and our girl had a 1 mile shoulder ride on hubby) walked a 5K. It was humid out, so sweating was a given unfortunately. When we were done, we took my teenage brother (yes, I have a teenage brother, we are 13 years apart and NO ONE in between. Story Short- the parents finally stopped trying, and BAM, baby brother.) and headed home to unload a seat and stroller fromt he tahoe. We then turned on a movie in the Tahoe, and headed to halstead to pick up 11 bags (16 bags total) of sloattered beef. And we are talking 3 foot bags here. And it is FROZEN. We hauled those to the farm in Burrton and unloaded into 2 deep freezers.
So, workout saturday- check! 5K and weight lifting/moving weights
We then feed the kids, brought my brother home and picked up 2 more bags of beef. After that, we ran around the house like chickens with our heads cut off for the next hour to get kids to nap and changed/ready for an ALL NIGHT SOFTBALL TOURNEMENT!!
So at 2:45pm, my aunt was there to kids sit. We drove an hour to Wellington and played Softball at 4pm, 6pm, 1030pm and 3am!!! We lost every game, but we had fun!! I was amazing!! (well-hell, it is me< LOL!!) We then headed home at 4:15am and were home by 5:30am. When we hit Wichita, it started POURING RAIN! And when we got home they were putting up High Waters Signs all over! It had rained 6+ inches from after we left home until a few hours after we got home!! So, we took showers and crashed in bed for a couple hours until the kids got up. SO TIRED AND SORE!!
That afternoon at 230pm, I went to see Sex and the City 2 with my mom.


SO, minus some more TOTALLY EXHAUSTED, LAUNDRY FILLED, RUN TO STORE, RUN TO THE FARM TO CARE FOR ANIMALS AND CORRAL AN INJURED HORSE TO GET HIS WOUND CARED FOR WHILE ANOTHER STORM IS LIGHTENING ABOVE US ** and we are in a metal surrounded corral, so smart**, that was the weekend. And now it is Monday and I am SO SORE that when I sneeze, I moan with pain. But hey!! It is worth the pain to drop the pounds!!!

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funderson said...

sounds like a wonderful beef-o-rific weekend!