Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 16- whaaaaaaaatt?

Well, I can see the changes on my pictures, but my scale is not showing them the past couple days. Frustrating, but trying to push through. The hubby however, he is 21 lbs down! Yeah for him!!!

Today starts the first day of summer break. That means 2 crazy kids in the house with me at almost all time. Pray for me. I know many of you already do this, so if you have any tips to stay sane, and still getting in a good workout, PLEASE tell me your secrets!!!

Weight: 197.5 lbs AGAIN

2 servings Special K Cereal - 240 calories
2 servings stauffers Lasagna - 468 calories
frozen fruit cup - 55 calories
2 servings chocolate cherrios and 1 carrot - 305 calories
Total Intake:1178
Total Burnt: 0

My food choices can be answered in 4 words "first day summer break". Otherwise known as headache day, kid whining they are bored day, etc. You get the picture. So I got a workout in there with kids, just dont know how to gauge that.

Stay Tuned...................................


Amy said...

I like the combination of chocolate Cheerios and a carrot. :)

Erika said...

That is why it is easier for me to do work out videos rather than taking a walk or bike ride. This way Shane can play while I work out in my room. But have to admit, when he was younger, he would still make it a challenge to workout because he would run circles around me, crawl under my legs, etc. Thankfully now he can entertain himself and let me get a work out in.