Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 5 --- wth?!

So, here we are, Day 5. And what do I have to show on the scale today?? NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING. What the?! Did I miss something here? I ran off my entire lunch and I have nothing to show for that.
Ok- breathing now.... not helping but trying.
Next rant: I biked 0.3 miles more today than I ran yesterday- in half the time too. And how many calories does that give me? 148. What?!
Now, I know that running is more of a workout, but it is still sad to see 600 calorie burnt difference.
I know, you are all thinking that I am being a whinner. And well, hell yes I am! I want need to drop this weight in a pace that keeps me from going to depression mood.
So, one step forward... or maybe a freakin' huge leap multiple times FOREVER.


So this Wednesday, I will be taking the next step in "finding myself again". Do you want to know what it is?!
Do ya!?!
Well- bummer, you are going to have to check back later in the week to find out.
I know, I suck. Blah blah blah.


So, I did get 3.5 miles in yesterday. The first mile was great! 10 minute mile?! WHAT?! I don't do those. (I am a regular 11- 11:30 minute miler. So Mile 2, not so bad, first third is down hill. Second third is up hill, where my legs started to scream. But luckily, I had a nice 4 minute wait on a Train. (this is a sadly MORE THAN AVERAGE normal event in our town. The tracks go right through the middle of town at an angle. And more than 33 trains have been counted in a 24 hour period. In fact, last night on the drive back home from my folks, we were waiting on a train, when it stopped and let another train go by from the opposite directions. Then it starts back up and move on too. Like I said, regular event.) So, the remainder of mile 3 was uneventful. Not great, not bad. And by the time I had 3/4 of a mile left, I was moving alright again. So, first decent run in months, completed.

On to the layout today

1 serving Active Cereal and 1 banana - 230 calories (I know, I am getting boring here-but this cereal is yum)
1 fried egg, 2 slices cracked wheat bread, 2 slices tomato, serving lettuce, 1 Tbsp Mayo - 260 calories
2 oz Chocolate Fudge and 1 chocolate chip cookie- 396 calories
1 slice DiGorno Mushroom Spinach Pizza and 1 yoplait - 320 calories
3.8 miles (at 10 mph) for 23 minutes - 148 calories

Total Intake: 1206
Total Burnt: 128

Stay tuned.....................

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