Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 22 Picture Day

Weight: 198 lbs.
Again, sitting in the 198 zone, but yesterday, I followed a new path. According to an article, sometimes your body needs a protein boost in the mornings to improve weight loss. So, yesterday, I had eggs with some cheese. It got me past the 199, so here is to hoping.
So- I am taking the advise and trying to add more good calories to my diet. It is hard when I am full, but maybe back to 5-6 meals a day will help.... so Day 23 will be a start to that.
After the rain (1.5 inches) we received last night, today is looking to be a nice cooler day to take a walk with the kids or something along that line.
Something that I have noticed with the pictures today, the front view, my legs aren't as far apart when I stand. So were I don't think my legs look better, they actually do if I stood with them that far apart as Day 1. NICE.

Day 1
Day 22

Day 1

Day 22

I have decided that overcast mornings make for crap pictures. I will have to figure something out for next week.

2 lemon berry muffins (homemade) - 242 calories
Panera Broccolu Cheddar Soup Bowl, 2 oz french baguette and 1/4 shortbread cookie - 587 calories
8oz Ribeye Steak, 12 cooked shrimp and a chocolate/PB Fiber One 90 - 431 calories
1 mile walk pushing LittleMan against the wind - 128 calories

Total Intake:1261
Total Burnt:128

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Heidi said...

Looks like you're making progress! Hang in's a long road but you can make it :) I wish I had your motivation!