Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 2

So, I did step on the scale this morning. I couldn't help it. It was hard to not eat after 8pm last night.
So, yes, I stepped on this morning.

Weight Day 2: 208.1 lbs

1.5 mile walk with BigGirl to school - 231 calories burnt
1.5 mile Bike with family - 250 calories burnt

1 Raspberry Muffin and 1 cup 1% Milk - 178 calories (it was Muffins 4 Moms day at her school)
BLT(3 slices tomato, 1 serving lettuce, 5 slices bacon, 1 Tbsp Mayo, 2 sliced cracked wheat bread), 2 bread and butter sugar free spear pickles and 4 mini tootsie rolls - 441.8 calories
7 Vanilla Wafers - 140 calories
4 oz Chicken Breast, 4 Tbsp Guacamole, 1 whole carrot - 235 calories
Evening Snack:
Yoplait Fat Free Yogurt - 100 calories

Total Daily Calories: 1095
Total Calories Burnt: 481

On a family note:
Things are slowing down on some fronts, like my Softball season is over until Fall. And BigGirl has 9 days left of school and her weekly AWANA at church is over until Fall. But it is just starting for summer craziness! BigGirl has decided to do Coach pitch Softball AND Swim Club. And LittleMan has Gym Time Class for the summer (where this mommy will be attending with him) That means on a weekly basis I will be taking one kid to swim 3 days and softball 2 days, and the other kid to Gym Time once a week. And this mommy has a marathon in the future planned... more to come on that soon. And my 30th bday party ( YES I am demanding a party this year) and LittleMans birthday too. And the hubby bday in August. And our 9 years anniversary. It will be a fun filled time around here! Stay tuned...................

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