Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 18-- windy butt day (and muddy)

Today was yet ANOTHER Wind advisory day. It was awful!
There was also a MudRun at a friends house today. So the Hubby decided to take the Bronco out for its first Run.
He made it pretty far this last time he went through...

but he did get stuck. LOL! Notice how me and my kids are NOT in the mess.We prefer to just watch from the sideline.
So, the wind was so bruttle, that when someone walked on the south side of you, you got their mud blow onto you. LOL!! Hubby get go through a few times and didn't get stuck every time.

Before this, he also got the little tractor stuck in the sand around the pond digging out sand for his moms pool. So the big tractor had to pull out the little one.

Weight: Hey, guess what... still no change. Seriously, I am going to beat the wall in.

yoplait and mini luna bar - 190 calories
a combination sushi plate - 571 calories
1/2 turkey cheese sandwich w/out sauces - 132 calories

Total Intake: 894
Total Burnt: 0 (however being outside holding yourself against the wind, is something.)

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