Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 15 -picture day

2 weeks in- 12.5 lbs down
BigGirl took my pictures today, so my head took a cut in one of them. 

Day 1

Day 15

Day 1

Day 15
Weight:198.5 lbs

2 servings Total Whole Wheat Cereal - 270 calories
1 & 1/2 slice digornio pizza and med nonfat latte - 715 calories
 yoplait and dried apricots -220 calories
Turkey, dijon mustard, 1 slice cheese and cracked wheat bread -255 calories
 1.5 mile walk- 225 calories
Total Intake:1460
Total Burnt:225

Today is BigGirl's last day of First Grade. Tomorrow starts my first summer home with my kids. As I am excited to get to experience this fun time with them. I am also thinking, OMG. Besides the fact that we got the pool set up this week, but we are awaiting the new filtering system to fill it. And that fact that we have been under wind advisories for the past couple days, and that means I had to save the pool from the ROOF OF OUR HOUSE yesterday. I just want the pool filled so I can enjoy my summer more. LOL!!
Let the craziness begin!!
Stay tuned......................

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