Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 44 and 5

As some of you may recall, my 30th birthday is on Sunday. The hubby is throwing me a party out at the old farmstead shed. My mom has ordered me a Topsy Turvy cake from my favorite cake maker. And that means tomorrow evening, I will be having a VERY BAD DIET day. But, I am turning 30! The hardest part will be what adult beverage is going to be the less calories, and that is very hard for someone that is not big on Beer. (I am aware that Michelob Ultra is the less calories)
So, yesterday, my mom and my kids went to Wichita to do some shopping. I was needing a shirt that fit right and that covered the still slight love handles I am still sporting. After 4 stores and 21 shirts later, I finally found what I needed at TJ Maxx. And it was only $14.99. So while I was there, I found a Hobo bag- $139.99 bag for $29.99!!
So, my kids gave me this bag for my birthday. (aka this momma bought it and told them thank you, LOL)
**I will post a picture of the evenings outfit later on this weekend.**

Weight: 192 lbs

2 slices cracked wheat bread w/ butter & jelly - 250
Am Snack:
junior mints - 80
Lunch: (bank summer fun day)
hot dog and sno cone - 363
arby beef & cheddar and jalapeno poppers - 722
Total Intake:1416

S2F #5:
XT (cross training day)- run around with kids day- unknown

Total Burnt:unknown

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