Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 27

I am at the 15 lbs lost mark!!
I am also at the 19 days until 30 yrs mark.
Things I have accomplished today...
dog pools cleaned and refilled
work and meeting
BigGirl to VBS and softball game
Filled out a form to be a Brooks Running Lab Rat (here's to hoping)
I am at the 13 days until Start2Finish Begins, then we will see this weight drop, hopefully.
And I am getting closer to telling you what I will be doing with that group.
Oh! The Suspense!
Attempt #3 of the Popsicle making was:
sugar free white chocolate pudding pop - scored a PASS with the kids
So that is #1 & #3 PASS and #2 GROSS. Two out of three isn't too shabby.
Weight: 195.0 lbs

2 servings cherrios - 280
Am Snack:
fiber one bar - 90
4 small pancakes w/syrup - 390
Pm Snack:
smore (1 whole cinnamon graham cracker, 1 Tbsp nestle Morsels, 10 mini marshmallows - 185
chicken tetrazinni, lime pear jello, peas - 381

Total Intake: 1327

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