Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Versatile Blogger

Well, MotherRunner (aka sis n law) tagged me for the Versatile Blogger as well as randomthotschick. I feel blessed that MotherRunner thinks I can control, not stress, handle my crazy life!
So, 7 things about myself.... this might get weird, gross, crazy, interesting.

#1- I am a READER! I hard core, multi books a week, Reader. Whether it be teeny boop books (twilights etc.) to Adult fiction (Dan Brown) to parenting books to the occastional ADULT short story (you know). I LOVE BOOKS! Bless my husband for putting up with this "fun fact" about me. Because when I read, 90% of the time, the world is on "MUTE" around me. (you get the picture... "Babe, you know where my -insert something manly here- is? **maybe 10 minutes of him standing infront of me waiting while I finish a section/paragraph/whatever before he gets and answer*)

#2- I am a MOVIE FREAK! (MotherRunner- you know, you "Rent" from our family video store ** this is NOT the well konwn chain, but our house) We did the Netflix for a while, I watched them faster than they could get to me. I hate that I can't go to the theatre more (WAY INSANE PRICES!!), but I secertively dream about being a "Movie Mom" and get these production companies to pay me to watch and rate their movies. Maybe someday.... sigh.

#3- I still long for being an Athletic Trainer. My 2 years starting college to be such a person were cut short by a horrid (for lack of a much better, appropriate, totally and completely life ruining word) Head Trainer that was a total shi.... well you get the picture. I crave to see the gorey accidents up close and personal. ** Like when my father in law was in his accident, the Trainer in me wanted to see it all. The daughter in law in me cried on the inside a lot, and had many emotional overloads. (well, make that, I STILL have emotional overloads.

#4- I have the occastional constant need to sing & dance. Just anywhere, everywhere! If the music is right, I am grooving on the inside. (My daughter however is grooving on the outside!! Thats my girl!!) My hubby used to be the same way. College was fun for us. Now I just look at us as, OLD. I would love to go dancing. I have asked him to take a couples dancing class. Both these get "NO"s. So, for now, watch for me on the race, who knows, maybe the blond click beside you that is singing and dancing will be me!! (Or my sis in law if her hair is brown!!)

#5- I have a fun "gothic" side. Yes, I do. and I L.O.V.E it. Currently, thanks to my high school softball girls, I have NEON PINK streaks in my hair. THEY ARE AWESOME! I LOVE THEM! I WANT MORE!!!! To top it off, my kids are a little goth too! My daughter has the cutest outfit that SHE picked out. And my son has many Rocker Shirts and we are letting his hair grow to hopefully have a fo-hawk soon.

#6- I envy MotherRunner. (ok sis- dont cry here) I want to do a job I love, while helping people. I want to be able to bring my kids to school and pick them up myself daily. I want to run at 8am or later. I want to run with my husband and hate him for being faster than me for a few minutes/hours a day. I want to be laid back while still being "mom". I want to know I can take a fast trip with a friend for the weekend for Chicago. I want to be the "FatherRunner/MotherRunner" marriage of our friends. (Ok, I am starting to believe that we are already this. The Big "D" is happening all around our friends.) I want to feel happy cooking, taking my kids all over town to all their things. I want it ALL!!!!! **Ok I am done with that now. :o)

#7- I am a FIGHTER, ATHLETE, ALWAYS STRIVING TO BE THE BEST, TO TRY ANYTHING & EVERYTHING, TRAVEL EVERYWHERE! For example- running races, longer races, multitude of races, triathalon in the future is a possibility, I have lifetime goals, yearly goals, personal goals, family goals, things I want to try at least once, things I want to get better, faster, skinnier, healthier. This is what I like best about myself.

NOW- Who wants to sponsor me through it all!!??

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Randomthotschick said...

I love music and dancing and reading too!!