Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A gracious gift

So NORMALLY, I would not talk about money. But today, I can't let this not be told. For those of you that do not know, husband was laid off from his job a year ago last March. After months of trying to find a job and fighting with unemployment, he went back to school this last January. He is about done with his 1st semester and doing well. (2 thumbs up to my hubby!!)

So, I am working 2 jobs again this spring, my regular and coaching highschool softball. So, as you can guess, money has been tight for over a year.

Well, my cousin is getting married this end of July, and in Chicago (where they live)!! I SOOOO wanted to go. But money being an issue, we were set with not going. WELL-- my gma came to me a few weeks back and asked if they could help us attend the wedding. (Can I mention that I HATE asking for help in the $$$ department) So, they bought us all tickets to take the Train from here to Chicago, and secured hotel stay for the wedding. Well, I was looking for a run in Chicago, just for the fun of it. And found out that the ROck N Roll is that Sunday morning. So, now, our train doesnt leave for home until Sunday at 3pm!! So I can RUN!!! AND to top that off, the hotel we were staying in for the wedding is 30 minutes drive from run. WELL- last night gma secured us a room at a hotel the night before the race the is 2-3 blocks from START/FINISH LINE!!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!!!!

So now, we get to go to Chicago for cousins wedding (btw- never been before) AND I get to run in another 1/2 marathon in another state this year!!! AND I CAN WALK MYSELF TO THE START AND NOT WAKEUP THE KIDDOS!!!!!!

A gracious gift that is so happily recieved.

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