Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A good start (but not necessarily smooth)

Our first games were on Tuesday. A Tri against Derby and Northwest. My JV girls did a great job! We beat Derby 13-7 and lost to NW 10-0. But they all worked hard and tried their best.

So then NOT SO SMOOTH part, 10 minutes before our 2nd game, one of my girls was playing catch to warm up, lost the ball in the sun and her nose took the hit. Yes- it is broken, luckily it was a clear break and will heal on it own without a split in a few days. (Whew)

So, to recap, game day #1, = 1 win, 1 lose, one coach picked a heated arguement with an umpire (not me btw), and 1 girl broke a bone. Well, it was a memorable one anyway. :)

So, tonight, we have one 2nd games, a double header in Salina. Wish us luck.

fyi-- Running this week, not a lot of LONG runs, but atleast short ones, (great weather-minus the wind) and a lot of cardio and core workouts with the girls. **Yes, this Coach does jump into the mix a lot.
SO- OKC in 3 weeks!! Bring it on!!

Wish list = 2:31:46 (20 mins cut), 25 more pairs of Nike Tempos (a multitude of colors), a magic pair of "blister proof" socks, and a RoadID.

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