Run hard, Play hard, Love Hard

Run Hard, Play Hard, Love Hard

Thursday, March 18, 2010


The "me" I want to be after finishing my 2nd 1/2 marathon (Dallas Rock N Roll) coming in at 2:51:49. (cutting 32 minutes from 1st try)

This is what the Future Bad Mother Runner Wore. (forgot to add the 2 Gu's)
This was the sight 20ish miles south of Norman Oklahoma. 14 miles of this taking us 1 hour to deal with and some major freak outs and a couple phone calls to make sure we would NOT be missing out on our packet pick ups.
This is my niece, who had a great trip tagging along. (NOTICE THE SUN!!!)
Thanks to my brother in law that was our "hotel de Troy". (awhh, I totally hit gold with these sibs-in-laws!)
This is the sight from the sunroof of Kim's car with 20 mins or less until the "so called" last bus from the finish line to the start line. (can we say.....shit. so much for getting around early)
These are my travel buddies (because we all know that I will not be running anywhere near them) happy to be on the shuttle bus and heading to the start line. (there are 20 mins to start now)
START LINE!! Ohh how you are 30 minutes away from my corral and under 10 minutes from my travel buddies. (maybe if we look really close, you will see them..... hummmm, nope)
Here is what I did see......... LOL!

We are moving forward....
Hey, i had a few great gals around me... thanks!!!
Somewhere around mile 9 (i had a goofy bust at this time)
Last mile!! Just keep running, just keep running, just keep running, well come one.... MOVE!!
ROCK OUT DALLAS!! I FINISHED!! (then proceeded to have a little wheezing attack-thats new-, slowly made my way to my metal, my picture, my water, energy drink, banana, energy bar, brownie (yucky, spit it out), bagel, oranges(so excited to shove in mouth that I dropped the first one), pull cell out of butt crack pocket, call shana- heard very loud male yell "KIRSTEN!!!", look up to see brother in law waving to me. Nod back (because we know that is all I am possibly able to do) keep walking down exit, keep walking, keep walking, text in laws that i am going keep walking to get packet with sandals and extra teeshirt. Call cody, well, you get this idea.

So, I did great, I am tired, I already having thoughts of how to get better for April OKC marathon.

So run on friends!!

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Jill said...

Nice job, congratulations!!!! I heard a little about your trip from Mother Runner so it was great to put some pictures behind the stories, thanks!!!